‘Circus of the 7 Dawns’ TONITE! Route Map Attached!

Staging for tonite’s parade begins 7:00 PM at the south side of the South First Bridge

The parade will begin at 9:00 PM when APD escorts KreweDCM out of the park and on to Riverside Dr.

If they don’t want to e recommend families with small children watch the parade from the sidewalks on Riverside Dr or  Congress Ave.

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Run Away and Join the Circus!

Thanks to our amazing backers, our Kickstarter Campaign was funded.  Do not fret if you missed your chance to reserve your spot to march with KreweDCM and the ‘Circus of the 7 Dawns’ via Kickstarter!

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Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE through Sunday Oct 9, 2011



UPDATE 10/9/11-

Our Kickstarter Campaign was funded last night–THANK YOU ALL FOR PLEDGING!  YOU make Halloween possible–bring on the ‘Circus of the 7 Dawns!!

UPDATE 10/4/11-

The Kickstarter Campaign to fund our 5th Anniversary Halloween Parade, “Circus of the 7 Dawns” is live for 4 more days.  As of 6:50 PM today, we are 32% funded.  Make sure to get your pledge in before Sunday–reserve your spot to march with the Circus and help fund the community we have been working five years to build.  Halloween in Austin is all the better for it and you can be, too!


KreweDCM has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund our 5th Anniversary Halloween Parade:

‘Circus of the 7 Dawns’

As of today, Sunday September 18, 2011, we have 10% pledged toward our goal of $5,500.  A $5,500 budget may seem outrageous, but the truth of the matter is this: parade permits, police escorts, and insurance do not come cheap!  Roughly 70% of that $5,500 budget goal goes directly to those necessary permits, police escorts, and insurance.  The remainder is there for build costs–puppets, clowns, banners, doubloons, carnival games, prizes, throws…all the things that will actually make the ‘Circus of the 7 Dawns’ the enormous spectacle it needs to be and Austin deserves to see.

If you haven’t yet joined KreweDCM as a 2011 member, please go now to our Kickstarter Campaign and reserve your spot to march on Halloween.  You will join KreweDCM, the Dead Music Capital Band, Best Best Best Friends Brass Band, Major Mayhem Marching Band, (and more!) for the only Halloween Circus event of its kind in the world!  Great Times Guaranteed!


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Big Top Burlesque & Bake Sale @ Elysium September 15, 2011

Big Top Burlesque & Bake Sale @ Elysium September 15, 2011

UPDATE 9/16/2011

Big Top Burlesque a HIT!  Huge thanks to everyone who came out, all our awesome performers, bakers, and host venue Elysium.

Pre-Sale Is now CLOSED

Please come to Elysium tonight, 9/15/2011 for an amazing lineup!  $12 at the door gets you multiple routines from:
The Ladies of Head Over Heels Burlesque

Miss Sophie of Brass Ovaries

Ginger Snaps

Riley DoRight

Bethany Summersizzle

Electric Stefanie of Stefanie’s Rock Show.com

and MORE!!

Doors at 9:30

Pre-Sale Tickets  Are Available NOW

Click the “Buy Now” link to the right and reserve your will call ticket–$10 via PayPal today, $12 cash at the door the night of the show!

KreweDCM presents a Circus Inspired Burlesque Show


The Ladies of Head Over Heels Burlesque

With Special Guests:

Miss Sophie of Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing,
Ginger Snaps of Black Widow Burlesque, Riley Do Right, and More!!

Make sure to bring extra cash for the tantalizing treats offered by KreweDCM’s sexy bakers.  Big Top Burlesque & Bake Sale to benefit KreweDCM’s 5th Anniversary Halloween Parade “Circus of the 7 Dawns”

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“Slaughter of the 7 Dogs”

KreweDCM is at it again, bringing you another ridiculous event today:

Sausage Slaughter @ Red 7
TONITE! Sunday August 21, 2011
6:00pm-9:00pm, metal bands, crazy contests, and
“Slaughter of the 7 Dogs” Speed Trial Hot Dog Eating Contest
Simply eat 7 hot dogs spaced through the evening faster than your opponent, win a prize–KreweDCM is awarding 2011 memberships for the runner-ups and the Grand Prize is a $50 Gift Certificate to Strait Music Company.

Come have burgers and dogs from the grill, free pool, cheap drinks, and metal tunes from Brink of Disaster, Blood for Master, and Immerse.

All night tonite at Red 7 KreweDCM will be on hand to talk Halloween–signing up new members for the 2011 parade, and admiring all your awesome competitive spirits!


Chris McMillan
Captain, KreweDCM

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Circus of the 7 Dawns


KreweDCM Announces their 2011 5th Anniversary Halloween Parade Theme

08.01.11 – Austin, TX – On June 18th, KreweDCM opened the polls to allow members, both old and new, and Halloween enthusiasts from the general public to vote on their 2011 5th Anniversary Halloween Parade.

After an extremely successful benefit BBQ/Membership Drive/Voting Rally June 26th at Red7 and six weeks of voting, the ballots have been counted and KreweDCM is thrilled to announce the results.

The 2011 KreweDCM Parade Theme is:

Circus of the 7 Dawns

KreweDCM will host a continuing series of benefits/membership drives until Halloween.  Stay tuned for further information regarding another Benefit BBQ/Membership Drive at Red7 on August 21st and the “Big Top Burlesque and Bake Sale” at Elysium on September 15th.

To join KreweDCM (membership dues are currently $17–every penny from dues and donations go directly into the organization to pay for parade permits and building costs) or for more info on the Circus of the 7 Dawns please click the “Circus of the 7 Dawns” link above or visit: https://krewedcm.com/circus-of-the-7-dawns/

ABOUT the Circus of the 7 Dawns:

The Mysterious Appearance and Disappearance of the Circus of the 7 Dawns

It has been said that every few years, once Autumn arrives, when days are still warm but the wind blows cool at night…if you turn your face to that chill breeze, take a deep breath, and listen closely you might hear the distant sounds of a far off carnival.  The cries of long dead beasts from exotic lands, the fleeting smell of sawdust, the snap of canvas and rigging…they come on the late October wind and anyone both wise and wary knows the Circus of the 7 Dawns will soon roll into town.  When the new moon dawns seven days from the end of October, from 7 dusks thru 7 dawns, the spectre grows stronger.  On the eve of Hallowmas, the apparition is finally visible and anyone brave enough to attend is amazed by the sights and sounds of the only circus of its kind in the world.  From the the Brass Orchestras, the Human Marvels, the Animal Menageries, the Midway, the Museum of Oddities and Freakshow, the Illusionists, Travelers, and Fortune Tellers, the Coterie of Clowns–all are there to perform one last time, reminding us all to enjoy each of life’s wonders while we still can.  At sunrise, the Circus of the 7 Dawns always mysteriously disappears…leaving behind only the myth and mystery that brought them in with the Autumn wind.

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Horn Players Wanted!!

Dead Music Capital Band Wants You!

If interested, please contact us via email:


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