Halloween 2008 marked the one year anniversary of KreweDCM’s INVASION! 2007 parade.  Fittingly, it was time for the Monster Military to make its second appearance in a celebratory gesture.  KreweDCM chose to honor their monster veterans and the recently liberated living of Austin with VICTORY 2008.  KreweDCM’s members had doubled, there was a new and improved Plague Doctor design, two new stilt monsters, and Cerberus was finally joined by his old compatriot Charon–still piloting his ferry boat from the River Styx.


(staging photos by Chris Neal, VICTORY 2008 photos by Jerry Lee Howard)

KreweDCM still needs photo and video documentation from all our past parades.  If you have anything photo or video to share with us, it will gratefully be added to this archive.  Please contact us by email:

Invasion 2007

For most downtown party goers on Halloween 2007, expectations for that Wednesday night were the same as any year.  Thousands of costumed revelers went downtown to celebrate Halloween–to see and be seen.  The streets were full, but certainly not as crowded as the previous Saturday.  Everything appeared to be Halloween as usual until 9:00 PM, when the crack of snare drums began to echo a death march between the high rise office buildings.  KreweDCM’s Invasion 2007 had begun and Halloween in downtown Austin would never be the same.

KreweDCM’s inaugural parade was military themed…essentially, an army of the undead released from Hades to invade and conquer the living world.  The military motif featured three monstrous divisions:

Zombie Army (Orange Banner)

Vampire Air Force (Purple Banner)

Evil Mermaid Navy (Green Banner)

Leading the procession from our staging area north of the Capitol, the KreweDCM Skeleton Wardrums rained down thunder and awe upon the citizens.  The Zombie Army, Vampire Air Force, Evil Mermaid Navy, and Swamp Monster Marines were attended to by a most menacing Plague Doctor Medic.  Chasing the entire undead military down the route was none other than Hades’ eight foot tall, three headed hell hound guard dog–Cerberus!If a picture is worth a thousand words, video should at least have half that value:

Photo and video documentation from the inaugural parade is difficult to find but will gratefully be added to this archive as discovery allows.  If you have photos or video of KreweDCM you would like to share, please contact us by email:

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