Here Be Dragons 2009


After the resounding success of KreweDCM’s first two years, the monstrous military INVASION 2007 and VICTORY 2008, it was time to branch out into more fantastical territory.  Those first two years had been visually dark and frightening.  In direct contrast, the theme for Halloween 2009 was intended to light up the downtown Austin skies with magic and color.  KreweDCM announced their third parade theme with a simple question to past and future marchers:

“Do you have bravery enough to walk with dragons?”

Here Be Dragons 2009 was an open invitation to any and all witches, wizards, and their familiars to help lead a 60′ white dragon through the skies above Congress Ave and 6th St.  The call was answered so readily that the Krewe’s lady-dragon even brought along her newly hatched baby dragon, barely out of his shell, to lead the procession.

The crowd reaction was immediate and intensely positivecamera flashes almost outshone the lady-dragon’s inner light show.


Here Be Dragons 2009 photos by Jerry Lee Howard, Dirtyjerz Photography, and Matthew Parker

KreweDCM still needs photo and video documentation from all our past parades.  If you have anything photo or video to share with us, it will gratefully be added to this archive.  Please contact us by email:

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