Halloween 2011, Here We Come…

L-R KreweDCM's Lucretia, Hades, and Zoltan GhostsAs of March 21 2011, SXSW has come to a close here in Austin.  That means planning in earnest can now begin for KreweDCM’s 2011 Halloween parade.  This year’s march on downtown will be our 5th Anniversary.  If all goes as hoped and planned, we will give Austin a massive spectacle light years beyond what we produced in the past.

Fundraising to help cover the costs associated with an event of this size will be a big part of the next few months.  In addition to seeking sponsors, we are planning benefit parties and auctions of KreweDCM memorabilia from parades past.  These will be can’t miss events for friends and fans of KreweDCM.

Check back here often at www.krewedcm.com –we intend to update this site frequently with archival material from past parades and news about Halloween 2011.

All in all, this year holds an excellent amount of promise and we cannot wait to show you what we have up our sleeves for Halloween 2011!

Trick or Treat!

Chris McMillan
Captain, KreweDCM

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